Articles on the movie Parasite by Bong Joon-Ho

The Guardian describes the film as a masterpeice that explores the great class divide in South Korea through the story of a poor family which fights to con a rich family. The Guardian praises the film's unique genre and its social coommentary.

The New York Times praises the unique genre of the film and it's use of comedy to convey a social commentary of the lass divide in South Korea. The film's plot and storytelling is also praised.

Articles on the class divide in South Korea

This article shortly touches on the social economic divide in South Korea despite the great economic position of South Korea and great life expectency and healthcare. It mentions that despite the great economic development, the country has a large wage divide and that leads to a growing class divide. It also mentions that there are social causes for such a divide in wage and lack of compensation for the raising cost of living.